We Could All Do With Some KISSing

“The principle behind Barcelona’s style was very simple: play with the ball, do everything with it. Every footballer around the world decided to play football because one day in some corner of their small village or big city, wherever it was, they kicked a ball around and enjoyed it. Barça’s system, even if people say it’s very complicated, is as simple as that: we’ll get the ball and just let them try and take it off us; let’s pass it between us as much as possible and see if we can score a goal. What I’ll try and do in the future is what I did when I was a player, what I believed in, and what I’ve coached for the past five years: attack as well as you possibly can, keep hold of the ball and pass it to a guy wearing the same colour shirt.”
Pep Guardiola to FIFA.com

As my favorite high school chemistry teacher once(more that once really) said, Keep It Simple Stupid.


Being negative is easy. Being constructive and insightful takes a little more doing.


With talk all over the media and twitter about David De Gea and his Manchester United future, I thought I would share some of the moments of brilliance he has produced this season.

I’m not saying he is perfect, and at 22 years old still has a lot to learn but for me, there has been improvement in his weaker areas this season as well as his continued excellence at shot stopping and his distribution from feet.

Here are some of his best moments so far this season…

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