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It’s about as close to must-have that a non-must-have is.

The US coach, Jurgen Klinsmann believes it is, in fact, a must-have.

And the US goes forward with, at best, a second choice squad this week.

The United States opens the home leg of its CONCACAF final round World Cup qualifying round this Friday at Dick Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado still licking its wounds from February when it stumbled badly in a single game qualifier against Honduras.

The US looked lethargic and unassertive against the Catrachos, sparking more questions about Klinsmann’s ability to steward the States through a qualifying campaign that sees the strongest front-to-back CONCACAF field perhaps ever.

And now the US skipper will have to attempt to answer those questions without even close to his best arsenal.

Tim Howard, Tim Chandler, Fabian Johnson, Edgar Castillo, Danny Williams, Jose Torres all out for this pair of…

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Thoughts on this one coming soon


Brian Straus of the Sporting News went and dropped a bomb on the United States soccer community with a story that reveals growing discontent among the player with Jurgen Klinsmann and the direction of the program.

The key takeaways, which Straus helpfully highlighted in his piece:

  • Klinsmann and chief assistant Martin Vasquez either lack the tactical acumen and game-day chops to successfully lead the team or fail to communicate their wishes effectively.
  • Too much time and too many resources are spent on initiatives that don’t translate to the field.
  • Constant lineup changes and building resentment over the perceived importance and attitude of the German-born players are harming team chemistry.

    So yeah, that’s… not good. Although I do think that if you’ve been paying attention, this piece shouldn’t comes as a huge surprise. The bubbles have been popping up for a few months now.

    To me, there are really two…

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    The Second Leg


    Not sure what I can write about this match that hasn’t already been written from a tactical point of view. Lineup predictions, formational preferences, and the impact of the two legendary managers have all been published, copied, pasted, reworded, recycled, occasionally refreshed and all together lost all meaning as the match looms nearer and nearer. I was trying to explain the significance of the occasion to my manager at work; trying and struggling mind you. She’s a lovely woman but she hasn’t the faintest idea of why I was so devastated to have been scheduled to work today. How do you explain love? How does one define excitement? How to articulate the sheer monumentality? To say this match will be more explosive that Team Yusuke v Team Toguro in the Dark Tournament is something of an understatement. More convoluted than House Stark v House Lannister? You bet it is.. but that is not quite explicative enough to do the match justice. Is it akin to two gladiators going at it in a bout to the death? Yeaa but nahh. Its Manchester United at home to Real Madrid circa 2013. I don’t think any sort of metaphor, simile, comparison, or explanation would suffice to accurately delineate the wash of emotions we’re all feeling today. It the Champions League. That says enough. Today I’m just going to sit back, watch, and enjoy this one. And stay sober because I still have work tonight -____-

    Shout out to Ryan Giggs though! 1,000 matches and counting! Just hope he’s not starting…